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Giving back confidence to kids with incontinence

Creating a world where there is no stigma, shame and embarrassment associated with incontinence

Colourful Prints

BUTTS have number of prints available helping kids feel and look great

Easy To Wash

BUTTS are made of quality fabrics, are easily machine washed and conceal odours.


BUTTS are reusable to reduce landfill, helping create a sustainable future.

Dual Inserts

BUTTS feature double ended inserts designed to maximise absorbency and performance

Our Passion

Our passion is to empower children who suffer from incontinence and their families by giving them choices and improving their overall well-being.

We saw a need for fun, practical, comfortable undies for kids who suffer from incontinence.

We listened to conversations, asked the kids directly, put ourselves in the shoes of their parents and came up with a solution! BUTTS – Undies with attitude.

With BUTTS – Undies with attitude. Parents can feel safe knowing that their child is comfortable and protected while rocking stylish undies that look just like their peers.

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