Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of our most frequently asked questions!

BUTTS have snaps on the side so that soiled undies are easy to change.

BUTTS have snaps on the side so that your child can be changed whilst laying down or in a wheelchair.

BUTTS have been especially designed with a pocket at both the front and the back so that you can access the bamboo insert without having to change them to see how wet they are

BUTTS outer is made with 100% polyester with a waterproof Polyurethane laminate bonding to the underside. There are micro holes to allow the fabric to breathe.

For hygiene and to reduce the risk of leakage BUTTS need to be changed regularly so that they don’t become so wet that moisture seeps through the holes or cause skin issues.

BUTTS can be stored in a water proof bag or wet bag until you get home and are able to rinse /wash them.

Brighter Needs will be stocking BUTTS wet bags in the near future.

This depends on the child however on average they last between 2 and 4 hours. Some of our customers have also  been successfully using BUTTS overnight as a night time solution.

Pull the inserts out of the pocket and peg to clothes line by 1 insert.

See how to wash video for demonstration. 

Yes, they can go in the tumble dryer on Low if you are unable to line dry 

Feel free to contact us via the contact us tab to see what offers we currently have.

You can return any unopened BUTTS, due to our product being underwear unfortunately we can't return any BUTTS that have been worn. 

Every child is different and has different reasons for being incontinent but on average you would need 4 - 8 BUTTS a day 

We have trialled and tested BUTTS for day use and are confident that these are a great solution for 2-4 hours. If you have a light wetter you are more than welcome to try then overnight and give us feedback. We have plans to launch a designated night solution in the future, however some of our customers are successfully using BUTTS as an overnight solution.

YES ! Our BUTTS are specially designed to be high waisted to accommodate Stomas. 

Yep they certainly are, they have enough room for boys and still fit girls where they need to.

Its important to have a good seal around the legs, however if they are too tight BUTTS will still function perfectly with the bottom snap undone.

The absorbency of BUTTS will increase over time as they are washed. The peak absorbency occurs after around 7 washes. 

You can boost with the following household items by placing them inside the pocket!

  • Cotton tea towels
  • Face washers
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Any modern cloth nappy (MCN) booster

We also have BUTTS users sucessfully boosting with compostable/biodegrable single use products.

Based on moderate use a BUTTS user would need 15 pairs annually. Including washing the cost annually is approximately $1,339.25.

Compared to the annual cost of single use products for a moderate user $2,352 (5 per day @ $1.40each).

BUTTS save $$!!

We offer afterpay to help you pay for the up front cost of BUTTS - longer term you absolutely will be better off!

Yes we do 🙂 You will be able to select your country and see shipping costs at checkout.

We have customers that have been using them and washing them daily for over 12 months. That’s at least 365 washes!

As long as you follow the directions they should get lots of life out of our BUTTS 😊

BUTTS aren’t designed for swimming. They feature heavy duty, absorbent inserts which are sewn in to reduce movement and scrunching when being worn.

Our BUTTS are designed for children 3-10 years of age however if you are an adult and you fit within the waist measurements by all means give them a go 🙂

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