Our Story

Each one of us can make a difference
together we make a change

We are Ange and Mel, brought together by a common need/interest and ended up as friends and epic business partners

For years we watched friends and family members dealing with incontinence get to the heart aching realisation that they had to put their children into adult plastic diapers.

We saw the children’s disappointment when their only option was white and clinical undies. We watched the parents and children’s mental health deteriorate.

We saw a need for fun, practical, comfortable undies for kids who suffer from incontinence. We listened to conversations, asked the kids directly, put ourselves in the shoes of their parents and came up with a solution! BUTTS – Undies with attitude.

Ange is full of energy and drive and Mel has brilliant sewing skills and passion for kids. Together we are the perfect duo to deliver BUTTS to the world.

We are excited, determined and passionate about contributing to change and breaking the stigma for children with incontinence. Our journey has been full of emotion, devotion and love. 

Our biggest focus point throughout this journey is to ensure that all the kids who need these undies know that they matter. We are dedicated to create excitement and joy for kids and give them the thrill of wearing their cool and stylish pair of undies. 

With BUTTS – Undies with attitude. Parents can feel safe knowing that their child is comfortable and protected while rocking stylish undies that look just like their peers.

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